Harry Potter Pencil Case

I finally finished making the Harry Potter pencil case (which was supposed to be a softie along with Ron and Hermione):


It took me a bit longer coz i didn’t have any zipper. So i had to go down to the shop to buy one. If you are interested, here’s the step-by-step instruction on how i made it.


Cut about 0.5cm around the grey line.


Cut the same size on another fabric for the lining.


Also cut a piece of felt (the width is slightly wider than the zipper) long enough to go around Harry’s silhouette (mine is less than 70cm).


Pin the zipper into place. Cut a rectangle where thr zipper’s teeth are. Sew in place.


Pin the felt to both Harry and the lining pieces. Ensure that right sides of Harry are facing each other and right sides of the lining fabric are facing out. Also ensure that the zipper is open. Sew in place.


Trim any excess fabric.


Then cross-whip stitch the edges to minimize fraying. If you have those machines that can sew edging, then you could do that first before sewing the felt around the edges.


Turn it inside out…& you have your very own Harry Potter pencil case!


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