What is an Ami?

Amigurumi is a Japanese word. “Ami” means knit and “gurumi” means stuffed creature.

When i say Ami, i’m referring to the crocheted animals/creatures that i’ve made. The Ami are about 8 to 10cm tall/long. Each Ami has a lobster clasp attached to it. This is so that you can bring Ami along wherever you go. Just hang Ami on your bag zipper. Or hang Ami on your keychain and it’ll look after your keys. You can also hang Ami on your mobile phone and use it as a mobile screen wiper.

Since each Ami is unique, they have their own name and personality (just like you and me and everyone else in this world). But if you don’t like the Ami’s given name, you can always give it a pet name after you have adopted it.

So if you see any Ami that you like, be sure to adopt it! Otherwise, someone else might do it before you.


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