how to adopt an Ami (or place a custom order)

here are the steps to take if you would like to adopt an Ami:

1. Choose the Ami that you would like to adopt from the ‘waiting for adoption’ list.
2. Login to Facebook and go to Kawaii Cuteness page and leave a comment there telling me which Ami you want.
OR you can send an email to OR you can message me on LINE (username Kawaiicuteness)
3. A fee is required to adopt each Ami. Payment is by cash on delivery or fund transfer. Collection point is preferably at mrt stations in the East.
4. If you want the Ami to be mailed to you, there is a postage charge (depending on weight and size of ami) from $2. Payment has to be done through fund transfer before the Ami is mailed out. You can request to send up to 3 Amis in one postage.

Don’t see an Ami/item that you like? Drop a note to the artisan describing the item that you want.

Thank you for visiting this site! For those of you who have adopted an Ami or two (or more), a BIG Arigatou to you. ^_^


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