Modified Pillowji Pillow

If you are a fan of All About Ami, you would know about her Pillowji Pillow Pattern. I’ve always wanted to make an emoji amigurumi but never got around to actually doing it. Even if i did, i would have done the details using felt. Yes i know…that’s kinda cheating but i do love crochet and felt combos.

Anyway, i have just bought some Paintbox yarn (like Finally!) in yellow. So i thought i’d give Stephanie’s Pillowji Pillows pattern a try. Of course i had to do some modifications…in this case, add some rounds to make the pillow bigger (but it’s still not as big as Stephanie’s) & totally come up with my own pattern for the mouth (coz it turned out too small when i followed Stephanie’s pattern). Here’s my finished pillowji:

I used up almost the whole 100g ball of simply chunky Paintbox yarn (only had about 5g left) with a 6mm hook.

Here’s the modifications that i made:

Follow instructions for Stephanie’s Pillowji till R13

R14: (sc 15, inc)×6 [102]

R15: (sc 5, inc)×17 [119]

R16: (sc 16, inc)×7 [126]

R17: dc, sc 125

Make 2, join as per Stephanie’s instructions.

For the mouth (using DK & 4mm hook) (ch 1 & turn at the end of each row):

Row1: ch 13, sk 1 ch, sc across the remaining 12 ch

Row2: dec, sc 8, dec

Row3-5: sc 10

Row6: dec, sc 6, dec

Row7: dec, sc 4, dec

Row8: dec ×2


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