Maker Faire weekend (feat. Lulu & Tia the unicorns)

I was at the Singapore Maker Faire last weekend. It’s not my first time attending the Maker Faire but it is my first time as a vendor. Usually i’ll be with the Yarn Bombing Singapore group. This year, due to an oversight, i kinda double booked myself and ended up with my own booth displaying & selling my crochet makes. Here’s my day 1 set up:

It’s a lovely experience to see the visitors’ reactions to my makes. Lulu & Tia the unicorns (right at the top of the middle shelf) recieved a lot of “Ooooh! These are so cute!” comments. Here’s a closer look at both of them.

They were both adopted on the second day of Maker Faire (but to different homes).

What did i like about being a craft vendor at the Maker Faire?

  • I get to showcase my work to the public
  • I get to meet many talented makers (like my next booth neighbour, a lady who makes puppets…like those muppet kind, & the booth behind me, a guy who makes star wars troopers helmet from scratch) & talk to them
  • I get to teach finger knitting!

But i do miss my fellow yarnbombers. They had a lovely teepee (which i helped to design & make) and a campfire going. Isn’t this just amazing?

Next year… i’m not sure which part of the Maker Faire i’ll be in.


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