Ice Cream Baby Booties

I made a pair of baby booties. They look so tiny that i’m not sure if they will fit baby’s feet. The pattern for these booties is from a book titled Creature Feetures edited by Kristi Simpson.

I actually frogged it twice before deciding to just finish them. At first i made a test swatch with a 4mm hook (the book called for a 3.75mm) and King Cole Smarty DK yarn. It was too big so i started the booty using a 3.5mm hook (i didn’t have a 3.75mm in my new hook set). When i finished the swirly part, it looked sooo tiny that i frogged it and worked with the 4mm.

It looked slightly bigger. So i thought, ok let’s continue. Then i realized i’ve not been making slip stitches when i decreased! @_@ So i frogged it again and started over. After what seemed like ages, they were finally done! I still think the holes to put the feet in are tiny. I showed this pix to the mom-to-be (a fellow yarnbomber):

She loved them! When i mentioned that it might not fit, she said it didn’t matter. It makes her hungry just looking at it. Phew~ So i packed them up…

… and made a card…

… and they are currently on the way to their new owner. =)


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