Hoooked Ribbon XL clutch bag

It’s been a pretty busy month with custom orders, Yarnbombing Singapore projects and the coming Eid.

I recently ordered some DMC yarn from their website. I was excited to start hooking when i got my hands on the package which consisted of 3 Hoooked Ribbon XL & 1 Hoooked Zpaghetti. I know… not much is it? I wanted to buy more… but budget constraints forced me to not splurge (that’s not to say i didn’t buy more yarn at the LYS). Guess what i made.

It took me about a week (or two) to finish it:

It’s my own pattern. I had to rework the flap part quite a number of times coz i couldn’t get the look i wanted. Here’s the back view:

Yes! I have my own leather label! Thanks to the good guy at Be:LeatherLab. Here’s the inside:

Although you probably can’t see it from the pix, there are two compartments inside. My personalized wooden wallet is made by another good guy from Doghouse Creations.

That magnetic snap was a challenge to afix. It’s my first time using it. I googled about it but found only one tutorial for fixing magnetic snaps to a crochet bag. The rest was for cloth bags or crochet bags with cloth linings. But… the tutorial was for normal yarn. It’ll be too bulky to do the same method using the Hoooked Ribbon XL. So i had to do my own trial and error.

1st idea: Fix the magnetic snaps on felt pieces that matches the colours of my clutch. Then sew the felt pieces to the clutch. I had to move on to the next idea coz i didn’t have the right colours.

2nd idea: Fix the magnetic snaps to a strip of Hoooked Ribbon XL. Then sew the strips to the clutch. Tried it out and the strips broke off when i tried to open the snaps.

3rd & 4th idea: The metal prongs on the back are now flattened. After a bit of fiddling, i decided to just sew them on with normal thread. The thread broke even when i did more stitches. So i tried using a thicker cotton thread that i bought from Daiso (i usually use it when i sew beads as eyes for my amigurumi). Bingo! They worked! However, they are rather unslightly if you have a close up view of the magnetic snaps. Next time i’ll try to crochet a piece with normal yarn and see if that works better.

So how do i like working with the Hoooked Ribbon XL? It’s easier on the wrist than the Hoooked Zpaghetti coz it’s thinner. But it does twirl a little too much for my liking. 

It reminded me of those telephone cords. From time to time, i had to pause and straighten the twirls. Other than that one inconvenience, i love the Ribbon XL.


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