Learning new techniques (loom knitting, finger knitting, tunisian crochet)

Today i finally made my very first tunisian crochet project. I’ve been wanting to try it since i learnt about the term in Planet June’s forum on Ravelry. But i didn’t know where to buy the hook. Last year i did buy the hook and started using it but i never finished the project. It has since been frogged. Today as i was browsing Pinterest, a pin for a tunisian crochet feather came up. The feathers looked pretty and i thought i’d give it a go. A few hours later, i completed a feather…although the colours may not be very feathery.

I think i botched some of the end stitches. I definitely need more practice. If you noticed, the tunisian hook is double ended. It’s the freebie that came with Simply Crochet magazine.

Yesterday i finally used the Clover Hana-ami loom kit that i bought from someone. I had to google for instructions.

I also practiced my finger knitting (i’ve a workshop coming up in July) and made a bunny. Here’s a pix of both FO:

You can see a doll peeking in the pix above. She’s a custom order i received from a friend. I did the hair differently from usual. This time i chain stitched the yarn before sewing them on the doll’s head. I also did the eyes differently. I thought it fits the doll’s personality. I will blog more about the doll later, when she’s gone to live in her new home.

Thank you, for taking the time to read this lengthy post. What have you been making this weekend?


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