Karnivel Gen-Q

Last weekend i shared a booth with a friend. My SiL from Mel’s Empire Bakery had a booth too with her baker friends. So did my cousin from Snapballoon Party & Services. My cousin even did the balloon arc and deco for the event.

Back to my booth… it was a lovely three day experience. Sales was the best so far (compared to other craft booths that i’ve done this year) eventhough the crowd for the first two days wasn’t overwhelming.

Here’s my booth at the start of days 1 & 2:

I forgot to bring my mobile on the third day. I was charging it before going out and didn’t pack it in my bag. ^^;

These are the items that sold well:

  • Felt people keychain
  • Felt magnet
  • Kopiah
  • Cookie monster
  • Assorted brooches
  • Fluffy cat card holder

These items got a lot of “oh so cute” reaction from browsers:

  • Finger puppets (but some think they are pencil toppers)
  • Manekineko
  • Fluffy cat card holder
  • Assorted brooches

I even received a custom order for a baby kopiah (which i finished on the spot. Took me around 1hr 30min to finish. Remind myself not to do such things so close to closing time. Stress! Lol… but no regrets coz the customer was happy and grateful), 11 Tako brooches (see next post) & a manekineko brooch (see previous post).

Thanks to everyone who came down, who bought something, who ordered something, who just browsed and chatted with me. I am really grateful for your support. It means a lot to me. It keeps me motivated to make more kawaii items. ❤


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