Weekend Craft Market

Shared a booth with OhMyLunaa the past weekend at our neighbourhood mall. Made the following items (plus a few others to sell):

We arrived at 1030am to set up. Here’s our table at the start: 

It was slow going. The crowd was quite sparse and sporadic. The mall did make announcements to direct shoppers to the craft market but either they didn’t hear the announcements or they couldn’t find the area.

I got a new signage made, as you can see in the photo of day 2 opening set up:

Or maybe this photo before we called it a day gives you a better view of the signage:

It’s a wooden signage that i drew and David from Doghouse Creations help to burn(?) into the wood. Love it lots!

Business was so slow that i managed to make a pair of Mickey/Minnie cupcakes on Day 2. Here’s a photo i took of them with some real cupcakes by Spatula:

Here’s what i learnt from this craft market:

  1. Bring along materials and tools to keep yourself occupied when there are no customers.
  2. Make friends with other vendors. Talk to them. Find out about their craft and maybe find ways to collaborate.
  3. Get ready some upbeat music. Classical/Oldies/Instrumental music just makes me sleepy…especially if exposed to the warm weather for extended period of time.

Eventhough i made a loss, i can’t say it was a waste of time. I did get to expand my social circle and even finished making those cupcakes (plus some notebooks for OhMyLunaa). I do hope that the next craft market will be a more profitable one.


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