I’ve not watched this movie called Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. I loved the Harry Potter series and have watched that repeatedly. So it must seem a bit strange that i’ve not watched Fantastic Beasts. Ah well… i didn’t have time when it came out in the theatres.

So when a friend asked if i could make a Bowtruckle, i had to google it first. She also gave me a pix, saying that if it’s possible, could the bowtruckle blow a raspberry like in the pix she sent. I told her that i would try.

I sketched out my plan and noted down the stitches made along the way. I decided to put in pipe cleaners so that the arms and legs are bendable.

A little trial and error, minimal frogging of parts, and finally i finished it!

He’s currently standing on my bed’s headrest, keeping an eye on everything. I haven’t set a date with my friend to pass him to her.


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