Timeless Love Teddy + 1 (DMC craft competition)

In conjunction with its 270th anniversary, DMC conducted a competition. I’ve never entered a craft competition, so i was all excited when my friend tagged me about it. I immediately bought yarn and embroidery floss from DMC website, received my entry form but didn’t have time to start immediately. When I finally had the time to sit and make something, it turned out like this:

Just kidding! That’s a WiP photo that i posted on Instagram. Here’s the finished Timeless Love Teddy:

Why did i choose a teddy? Coz teddy bears are loved by both young and old since… forever! 

A few weeks after I registered for the competition, an acquaintance asked if anyone would like to join her in the group category. I thought “Why not?” So a group of three were formed. Three people who didn’t/barely know each other came together and won 1st prize in the open group category! Here’s the cushion cover we submitted:

That’s the front. We each did one part of the cushion cover. The acquaintance who initiated the group did the cross-stitching of the classic sewing machine, i did the crochet flowers (using embroidery floss) & another lady did the embroidery at the back of the cushion cover, as shown below:

Since we were in the first position, we were also invited to take part in the regional craft masters competition. A 3-hr competition where we were tasked to dress a mannequin with “stories” as the theme. We ended up with this:

A rather simple ensemble compared to the rest of the entries. Congratulations to the other Singapore team, the team from China and the team from Australia! Your creations were wonderful and you deserve to win!

Oh! I forgot to mention. Timeless Love Teddy made it to the top 3 in the Open Category. We won a $200 hamper, a 24k limited edition skein and $50 e-voucher.

Here’s Teddy sitting proudly in his hamper throne! 😉


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