Glib the gnome 2016 holiday (Iceland & Helsinki)

30th Nov: We went to Singapore Changi Airport. We had to catch a flight at 11+pm. Yaney brought along two snowmen friends to keep our bags/luggages in check.

Yaney’s whole family plus one of her bffs came to see her off. 

I went to check our flight schedule while Yaney spent time with them.

We took Finnair where Yaney got special goodies compliments of her cousin who is a stewardess. So schweeeeet~

1 Dec: We spent a few hours in transit at Helsinki. 

Then we took Icelandair to Iceland. I love the quotes they have on the in-flight entertainment screen. 

2 Dec: We checked out in the morning and headed to Reykjanes. We visited the Blue Lagoon, Gunnuhver  Hot Springs and moss covered lava rocks.

Everything was exceptionally beautiful! Even the smelly hot springs (coz of the sulphur) was beautiful.

3 Dec: We went to two waterfalls; Seljalandsfoss & Skogafoss. Both were equally breathtaking. It was great fun though we got thoroughly drenched getting so close to the waterfalls and their unavoidable sprays. 

After that we visited the Skogar Folk Museum where we learnt about the lives of fishermen and their families in the olden days. There were also cozy little houses that reminds me of Hobbits except that they weren’t roundish. 

The last stop for the day was Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach.

The black sand/stones glistened in the evening light and the waves crashing on the beach seemed angry…but that didn’t make the place any less beautiful.

4 Dec: We started out early. Along the way, we saw glacier in the distance

We made a stop at Skaftafell Visitor Centre to watch a video, see the artefacts there (they had an article about two lads who lost their lives while doing research on the glacier), & browse the souvenirs. We even explored a little of the surrounding area.

Then we went to Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon. The guide told us that it took 10m of snow to make 1 m of glacier ice. 

The glacier there used to touch the sea but now it has receded. The broken glacier pieces do end up on the black beach up ahead.

5 Dec: First stop we made was at Gulfoss. A waterfall that wouldn’t be around anymore if not for a 19 year old gal who went against an MNC that wanted to build a dam in the area to build a hydro-powered generator. 


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