Xmas Craft Market at Orchard Gateway

The whole of last week was spent at Orchard Gateway manning a booth with my friends. I am exhausted & should turn in for a well deserved rest but if i don’t do this now, i’ll probably forget to do it anytime soon.

This is my first time as a vendor at a craft market held at a shopping centre in the shopping district of Singapore. I must say it’s a good first time experience. The friendly and helpful fellow vendors made the one week event an enjoyable one. 

Here’s a collage of our booth display throughout thw seven days. See if you can spot the difference(s).

If you noticed, there seem to be new items popping up with each new day. That’s because i had to make more things as my stock ran low. 😅 Here are the items i made last week:

Xmas tree bear,

Santa Bear,


4 pacman ghost coasters (this is an old photo. I didn’t manage to take a photo of the new ones i made),

Xmas trees (of various sizes),

Pokeball pins,


Owls (who made friends with some sock owls at the neighbouring booth)…

I might have made other stuffs but can’t remember. Thank you everyone who came down!


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