Mashiro & Makkuro the maneki-neko (& first Rilek Jack market)

Mashiro beckons to anyone passing by. “Come here,” she meows. “Will you be my friend?” But everyone just walks by.

The next day…

… she meets Makkuro. He has been looking for a friend too. So the two of them become friends who makes a fortune selling donuts.

– The End –

Made these two maneki-neko (a.k.a. lucky cats) for a local market (organized by Rilek Jack) cum rock out. It was held at one of the ITEs. Sadly, there wasn’t much of a crowd. Music at the main stage was too loud (or maybe i can’t handle punk rock/heavy rock metal anymore). Music at the side stage was more to my liking… but the mic wasn’t very audible so i couldn’t really hear the singer. Anyway, here are some pix at the event:

My booth set up.

Thank you for popping by!

Mashiro checking out one of the bands rocking on stage.

What i do when there’s no potential customer and it was almost closing time 😂

I made two sales, ate lotsa snacks (including a Hungrarian Chimney Cake), spent time with my ex-tutee & cousin… so i guess it was a pretty good Saturday. Thank you to those who came down!


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