Shelby Shell Mittens

I’m going to Iceland come late Nov/early Dec. First trip there. I really hope to see the Aurora Borealis.

I’m not much of a cold weather person. I can stand heat better than the absence of it. So i do hope i don’t freeze/get frostbites/fall sick due to the subzero temperature.

As part of my preparations for the cold temperature, i decided to crochet a pair of mittens. Found this pattern via Ravelry and started hooking. It’s an easy pattern to follow. But me being me, i just had to make a few modifications. My fingers are long and thin, so for the most part i followed the pattern for the second last sizing (one size smaller than adult/pre-teen).

I used Nature Spun worsted weight yarn (that i received in one of my Freshstitches kit. Yeah…i’m the sort who don’t really use the yarn for the pattern that comes along with the kit) & my 6mm wooden hook. It took me about two days with lots of breaks (some really long ones that lasted for 3-4 hours) in between. Here’s a couple of photos of the finished mittens:

I plan to wear it over a pair of gloves mom gave me. Do you think it’s enough to keep me warm?

If you have tips on how to keep warm/where to go in Iceland, then leave a comment ya!

P.S. Other than the possibility of watching the Aurora, i’m excited that the itinerary includes a visit to Alafoss Wool Store. I can’t wait to feel (& probably buy) some Icelandic yarn!


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