Glib the Gnome Children’s Day Excursion

We went out early today. Yaney said we were meeting her BFF (and family) for an outing. I am sooo excited. It’s been a long while since i went on an adventure. The bus ride was a long one…more than an hour.

We arrived at the zoo 5 mins before the appointed time. There were sooo many kids around eventhough it was raining.

When Yaney’s BFF (& family) arrived, we decided to go to the River Safari first since the whole walkway is sheltered.

There were many types of tortoise. This one looks really fierce, doesn’t it?

This… it’s not a gator or a croc… whatever it’s name is, we thought it was a statue or that it was dead. It was holding that pose for sooo long. Then it opened it’s mouth and we knew it was alive.

Here we are with a bronze statue of it.

The monkeys scared me a bit. They were too frisky! Especially this one with a baby clinging to it. Good thing it was behind a glass wall.

I was excited at the prospect of meeting Kai Kai & Jia Jia the giant pandas. But… 

Kai Kai was asleep and Jia Jia was nowhere to be seen. The red panda was very much awake though. But he was too quick for Yaney to take a good shot of it.

I absolutely love this underwater scene. All those manatee and the fish and those pillars that look like crumbling bits of an underwater kingdom.

Hello, Mr Manatee! You sure love the zoo keeper, don’t you? You look like puppies nudging the zoo keeper for food.

We had lunch first before proceeding to the zoo to meet more animal friends. It was still raining but not as heavily as before.

We saw the sun bear scratching his back against a tree.

We saw Omar the white tiger prowling around in his enclosure. There were other big cats too!

And here’s a new friend from down under… the hoppity kangaroo! 

It was a very interesting day meeting so many animals and learning about them. Till next time! Take care everyone!



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