Coin Pouches (& yarnbombing at Food & Venture event)

Just finished these coin pouches:

They are a collaboration with mom. She wanted to make some presents for her friends. She made plain pouches and asked me to jazz it up. Hehe… I can’t help it that they turned out cute. That is after all my style. 😉

Last Friday, i helped Yarnbombing Singapore to set up a yarnbomb installation. We decided to go with the theme of webs, spiders and…pokemon! 

Yarnbombing Singapore members contributed lots of webs. I added the spiders.

If you follow my IG  you would have met them (from bottom): Itsy the purple spider, Bitsy the furry spider and Topez the small spider. Itsy and Bitsy was part of the yarnbombing we did at One Makers Group’s (OMG) prototyping lab on International Yarnbombing Day.

We had help from Robyn (from OMG) to make the structure for us to yarnbomb.

This is how we left it on Friday:

More stuffs were added on Saturday and the yarnbomb was well received especially by children. Check out this boy playing in it:

That’s it from me for now! Time to start hooking for a custom order, build more stock to put at Mel’s Empire & Craft Assembly (21 Sep – 21 Oct) & the next yarnbombing (in Nov).

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