Personalized Ball Rattles

I was invited to a one year old boy’s birthday. The day before the party, i remembered that i didn’t have a present for him yet. After a bit of googling and a fair bit of thinking, i decided to crochet him something. Not that crochet wasn’t on my mind before googling. Just that i didn’t really know what to make.

At first, i wanted to make alphabet cubes. But i scrapped the idea after looking at the clock. “A ball would be simpler,” i thought to myself. So i ended up with these:

Four balls filled with rattles. They were way too plain! I contemplated crocheting the letters that form the boy’s name but wasn’t confident at pulling it off. In the end, i decided to sew on felt letters.

As a finishing touch, i made a box to fit the four balls.

If you want a customized gift for a birthday baby/toddler, like these rattles, email me!


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