Mandala Bags

It all started with a request from my SiL. She wanted a bag for her little girl that look like this coin pouch that mom & I made for her birthday last year:


Told SiL that i can make the bag but with a zipper instead of a clasp. She said ok. So i asked mom which pattern she used for the coin purse (coz she crochet it and i fixed the clasp). Alas! Mom forgot which pattern she used.

After searching through the stack of crochet magazines on my shelf, i found a mandala pattern that i thought might work. So i followed the pattern (with a bit of modifications) buuuuut the bag turned out too big for my small sized niece! Managed to make a suitable sized bag for her upon my second attempt by modifying the pattern even more.


I like this close up shot of the two bags.
Here’s another photo of the bags:


I ended up making a couple more mandala bags:


This yellow one was given to a special girl who is as cheerful as the colour yellow and is the sunshine to her parents’ lives.


I just finished this one today. It’ll be sent to my buddy’s daughter whose birthday is this Sunday. I do hope she loves it.

I might make a few more to sell at a bazaar happening in August.


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