Maker Faire weekend

It was the Maker Faire weekend. I was there as a member of the Yarnbombing Singapore team. It was a busy busy weekend with people, young and old, wanting to learn to crochet. This is my youngest learner:


I taught her the chain stitch and she kind of got the hang of it. Then i sew a flower for her so she can wear the chain she made as a bracelet.

This was supposed to be the highlight at our area:


The merlion piece that took us 6 months from concept, design, call outs for squares & sewing the squares together. This is actually the second design. My first design had even more squares to complete it. How did i design it? The old fashioned way…


Using my trutee mechanical pencil and a graph paper. Then i did a mock up:


Which is now in the One-Makers Group prototyping lab at National Design Centre.

But this swing kinda got more attention than the merlion:


(Photo credit: Evon)
We made it way too pretty that everyone wanted to take photos and have a swing at it.

Here’s our magical garden with contributions by various regulars of yarnbombingSG:


Aren’t they just adorable? It was a very magical experience. The yarnbombingSG ladies rock! Let’s do this again next year!


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