Pinklin the bee, Robyn & Chestnut the birds (plus IYBD2016)

I went down to YarnbombingSG’s meet up today to teach a bee making workshop. There were 5 participants but one was quite a seasoned crocheter so she only came to me if she wasn’t sure about something. That left me with 4 others. One had crocheted before but that was a long time ago. She just needed some refresher and could also be left to her own devices most of the time. That leaves three…one of them is a guy. I just love it when guys want to learn crochet! So i sat myself between the guy and a gal. The other gal was left with a fellow team member to oversee. They managed to finish the bee in 3 hours. And i made myself a bee too!


Meet Pinklin…the little bee with a pink stripe. The big one was done by Evon (the team member who helped the other gal participant).

Also born on the same day as Pinklin are two brother birds:


Robyn & Chestnut love to do things together. Their favourite is to try balancing on top each other. Since Chestnut is bigger, he’s usually at the base.


Oh look! Pinklin wants to balance too!

Did you know that today is International Yarnbombing Day? We took the opportunity to do a bit of yarnbombing!


Thank you OneMaker Group for allowing us to yarnbomb part of your workspace!


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