Bitsy the spider (& spider web bunting)


Bitsy came out a little kookie but that doesn’t stop me from loving him. Some might find him scary…what with his hairy body and limbs. But Bitsy is not scary at all. He doesn’t even have fangs to bare.

Bitsy loves to hang out with Itsy. Although i think sometimes Itsy finds him a tad annoying. Wana know why? Check out the pix below:


Bitsy just loves to jump on Itsy when Itsy just wants to weave his web art.


What Itsy doesn’t know is that Bitsy finds his web art inspirational. Bitsy enjoys looking at them from near and far. He was even inspired to make some web art of his own…


Taadaa! Bitsy’s wondering what Itsy thinks of his web art.


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