Brìtney (the butterfly) & the 4 bears


Britney the butterfly came flitting by.
She was on her way to the flower field nearby.
She gamely obliged when i requested to take a photo of her bright red wings.


She blushed when i told her they were a gorgeous pair of wings.
She waved goodbye after awhile.
From far i saw her flew over a group of teddies talking in a group.


One of them spotted her and pointed with a shout of joy. The others looked up… one even did a headstand to get a better look.


Britney just smiled, waved and flitted away.

I went up to the four bears. They gamely posed for photos and shared their stories with me.


Janet O’Landra grew up in a pumpkin patch. She loves orange (both the fruit & the colour) & is positively the most positive bear i ever did meet.


Fleur the second loves flowers more than honey. Her favourite flower is the innocent daisy.


Draco prefers going out at night but he sometimes ventures out in the day, like today. He loves cranberry juice & he told me secret that i’m not supposed to let anyone know. He has never told anyone about it. So i think i’ll keep it a secret for now.


Funguz enjoys lying on grass & watching the clouds float by. He can be a little mischievous, blowing spores towards his friends and making them sneeze.


The four bears wanted to make a totem but they kept toppling over.


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