Gingerbread Triplets (& a long awaited package)


Gin, Cho & Hal are pleased to make everyone’s acquiantances. They may all be born on the same day but they have different personalities.


Let’s start with the smallest and youngest of the three. This is Cho. He has chocolate brown eyes and a wide smile. He is very mischievous. He loves to photobomb pictures and sneak up on others from behind.


Gin might have white brows but he isn’t the oldest. He is the kindest and most hardworking among the three. He also loves a fun challenge like who can stand on one leg the longest.


Hal is the oldest. He has a sweet tooth, loves doing cartwheels and riding a lolly everywhere he goes. Uh oh… beware Hal. Cho is trying to sneak up behind you!


It is Friyay… i mean Friday today. So the boys just wana have some fun and crank up the music!

Talk about fun…it’s a funtastic Friday coz thess arrived today:


A box filled with yarny goodness, a light up crochet hook (that i’ve always wanted but haven’t gotten around to purchase), some stitch markers, a pair of darning needles, a few alpaca shaped erasers (i think they are erasers), an amigurumi kit and a vespa pattern! Thank you so much Jekka for the goodies! I absolutely love it!!!

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