A tale of 5 bears (& World IP Day 2016)


These five bears were travelling on their own when one day they came upon each other at a fork in the road.


Cuppie shared her food supplies with everyone.


Harry conjured a tent which looks small on the outside but is very spacious on the inside.


Although Jack looked rather grumpy and put off, he’s actually ecstatic to have met everyone. He was fed up with travelling on his own.


Fleur gave everyone nice smelling perfumes to lift their spirits.


…and BB3^7 said that he will help them navigate to wherever they would like to go next.

So all in all, meeting each other worked out well for everyone! They decided to take a group photo before they parted ways and promised to have another great travelling adventure together!


P.S. i will be having a booth on World IP Day 2016. Details are as follows:



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