It’s been awhile since i tested a pattern for someone. I am elated when Sharon (a.k.a AmiAmour) earburned me on Ravelry looking for testers. So i tested her standing Kodama pattern for her. Here’s the result:


Yup! I used it as my Motivated Monday quote pix. Of course, being a tree spirit (in case you don’t know, Kodama is from the anime Princess Mononoke by Studio Ghibli), Kodama sneaked off and was found…


… relaxing against the potted plants i have outside. It took some coaxing before it decides to come back inside. Not before taking another pix among the greeneries.


If you want to make this Kodama (it comes with a sitting Kodama pattern), then get the pattern from Ravelry.

2 thoughts on “Kodama

  1. The quote is so perfect for the Kodama. Loving the spirit of your Tree Spirit and he looks right at home. Thanks so much for testing Yaney and your helpful feedback.

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