I’m not a Star Wars fan but i did watch the first couple of Star Wars movie when i was younger coz my bro is a Star Wars fan. To cut a long story short, here’s BB8:


I followed the free pattern by Allison Hoffman. However, i didn’t have any doll joint so i used…


… two buttons and a pipe cleaner!

Here are the instructions on how i did it:


1. Bend the pipe cleaner in half. Insert each end through the each hole of the smaller button.
2. Push the pipe cleaner from the inside of the body out through the hole at the top of the body.
3. Insert both ends of the pipe cleaner to the head base. Then insert each end of the pipe cleaner into each hole of the larger button.
4. Push everything down. Twist the pipe cleaner firmly. Apply some glue to secure it.
And you are done! Now you have an alternative to the doll joint to make the head turn. If you don’t have any pipe cleaner, you can use a piece of yarn too. Just make sure the knot is deadtight.
You can check out my instagram account for the video.


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