Join our yarnbombing!

Yarnbombing Singapore is looking for crocheters / knitters to make 2″ squares in white / black acrylic DK / 8ply yarn.


The squares in the above photo are made by starting with 11ch. Then making 10 rows of 10 sc.

Here’s the step by step:


The instructions given are in US terms:
1. Start with a slipknot
2. Make 11 chains
3. Starting from 2nd ch from hook, single crochet i.e. sc (a.k.a. double crochet i.e. dc in UK terms) in each ch across. Hence you will have 10 sc at the end of the 1st row
4. Ch1, turn, sc in each sc across (10sc in total)
5. When you have done about 2-3 rows of sc, check that the length is 2 inches. If it’s not, you might have to go up or down a hook size.
6. Make 10 rows of sc, check the height is 2 inches and fasten off.

Make sure the finished squares are 2×2 inches in size. Arrange a meet up (if you are in Singapore) / mail to us (yes! We welcome contributions from overseas) by 19 March 2016. The squares will be joined together to form a picture of merlion, one of Singapore’s icon. It will be displayed during the Maker Faire 2016 at SUTD.


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