Sprouting Mushrooms

I received an order to make two medium mushrooms. Medium by the customer’s definition is about 15cm in height. I ended up making four!


The little red one on the right was my first mushroom. Standing at 9cm, it falls short of being medium (no pun intended).

Then i made the brown on the left. It’s a little short as well… about 3cm shorter than the height requirement.

So i moved on to make a taller cap and longer body. The other brown one was made in the exact length required. Woohoo!

But i thought the red one is a little lonely, so i made the red with white spots. Don’t tell them but he’s my favourite! šŸ˜‰ That is how i ended up making four mushrooms instead of two. Sometimes i think the crochet hook and yarn have minds of their own. I end up making stuffs i didn’t really plan to make. Does your crochet hook and yarn do the same to you?


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