2016 so far (a.k.a what have i been up to)

Wow! I didn’t realize i haven’t posted anything for 2016. This is my first post for the year and we’re already halfway through January. So… what have i been up to?


Firstly, i’ve decided to draw more. To help me practice, i’ve joined in the 365 doodles with Johanna Fritz as well as the Fritzi Flock group for illustrators.
I’ve also created a new blog for all my illustrations. Sort of an online portfolio.

I’ve also been commissioned to draw for my friend’s sister. She wanted it as a gift for her manager. Here’s the finished illustration:


I also rented two booths at The Artisan Market last weekend. I had my usual crochet items as well as my illustrations. Here are the booths at the start of the day:



The crochet items were pretty popular. The illustrations, not so much. Here are the booths at the end of the day:



If you noticed, the number of illustrated cards grew. That’s because i was drawing while waiting for customers. I’m wondering if i should open an etsy store to sell these colouring cards:


The Yarnbombing SG group are meeting today. But i’ve to give it a miss coz mom’s unwell. I do hope mom feels better soon.

Ok that’s it from me! I’ve to work on an order for two crochet rattles. How have your 2016 been so far? Hope it’s been a wonderful one.


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