Amigurumi octopus workshop

Today i conducted a personal crochet workshop for a lovely lady. It was supposed to be conducted last week but i had to reschedule it coz of a family thing.

I let her choose what she wanted to learn: an amigurumi octopus or a flower coaster.


I showed her samples of the finished objects and explained the differences between the two (stitches wise, yarn weight and such). She chose the octopus and as they say… the rest is history. 😉 Here’s a collage of the process:


I must say that i learnt … or to be more precise, i was made more aware of quite a few things myself as i was teaching her to crochet. Hopefully, i’ll remember what i’ve discovered and be a better crochet teacher in future.

While we were having our session, a couple of people got curious and asked what we were making. It’s wonderful to receive compliments from perfect strangers.

After two and a half hours…


…she completed her octopus with a smile! Unfortunately, i forgot to pack the googley eyes. ^^; She was nice about it and said not to worry, she’ll use something else at home. Thank you, H, for giving me a chance to teach crochet. Do keep on practicing and make more octopi!


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