LEDmon workshop

Yarnbombing Singapore and One Makers Group collaborated in a mash up workshop today: meet LEDmon…when tech meets yarn. I was one of the trainers for the crochet part (together with Mona & Pearl). 7 participants came and everyone was happy at the end of the four hours.


Check out their finished objects! I think they did a wonderful job finishing everything (crocheting the ami and soldering the circuit) within the given time frame.

Here a photo montage taken while everyone was busy with their hands:


I just realized that i didn’t take a photo of everyone. ^^; Yup! We had two determined guys crocheting with us today. They managed to get the hang of it and finished with a bit of help. =) We also had two lefties! One of them managed to crochet with her right hand but the other one did better with her left. It is a blessing that i can kinda crochet with my left hand. Achievement unlocked: teach a leftie to crochet with their dominant hand! Hehe…

Now i’m knackered and will bid you all good night. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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