Plum the bunny cannonball

Have you ever wanted to work in a circus? To travel from place to place and perform… This is what Plum has been dreaming about since he watched  a circus show on TV. Who is Plum?


This is Plum. As i’ve mentioned, Plum grew up watching circus on tv and dreams of working in one. He never saw one in real life till recently when the Big Top came to town. He didn’t have money for tickets. By a twist of fate, he got in, the Ringmaster mistook him for one of the acts and he has since become the bunny cannonball!


He loves the circus even more and practices hard everyday to make his dream last a lifetime. Here are a couple more pix of him during practice:


“I have to focus and visualize myself zooming through the air, do a flip, enter a slightly burning hoop and land gracefully on my feet. If i lose focus, something’s bound to go wrong,” explained Plum.

When asked if i could see a demonstration, he cheerfully agreed and did a perfect performance…completely with a little “Taadaa!” when he landed on his feet.


Plum has been entered in’s themed contest for this year.


Do vote for him come 1st December 2015, ya!


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