Pameran Poskad (& other updates)

The Pameran Poskad is over. I went to the opening night and was awed by the many stunningly beautiful artworks by various artists. Here’s a montage of the ones that caught my eye:


I absolutely adore the Totoro piece in the upper left corner. I am also a bit jealous of the artist’s skill for being able to draw such realistic looking birds (bottom right corner). The ones on the bottom left are from 2 people i frequently check out on Instagram artof.chris and momshoo.

And… here are mine:


I bought two of the artwork on exhibit.


Don’t know why but i was attracted to the cats. I’ve been following alfiedemeow on Instagram. Finally i have their product. I actually wanted to buy the sitting blue cats but that piece was already sold. So i bought the black cats instead. The watercolour cats are by Wang Shi Hui. Her artwork are sooo cute!

I also collected my leftover pieces.


Seven left…so three of them were sold! Yeah! I know it’s not much but considering that there were other well known artists and more elaborate/beautiful artworks and… considering it is my first time, i think it’s something worth mentioning. After all, i believe in celebrating the little achivements. =)

My package for the World Amigurumi Exhibit 2015 has arrived at Resobox! Hooray! I’ve already emailed them the details they need. So now i just have to wait for the exhibition. In the meantime, do check out the official website.

I can’t remember if i’ve already shared with you about Popin’s Craft the City exhibition. Earlier this year, I saw their open call poster. So I gave it some thought and submitted this felt tree house for the exhibition:


Yoda came over a couple of minutes after i finished stitching it up. 😉

The exhibition details are in this poster:


So pop by The Library@Orchard from 3 Dec 2015 to 15 Jan 2016 to look at the wonderful handmade creations!


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