Artisan Market and Book binding workshop

I rented a space at the Artisan Market last Saturday. There was about 20 crafters/makers selling their wares and the place was air conditioned. As you can see from the pix below, my table looked pretty bare ^^;


I didn’t really have time to increase my stock. I only made the cactus and planes. The rest were already items that i had made earlier this year.
I made a sign specially for the Artisan Market.


But… nobody took me up on my offer to crochet with me. The crowd was okay (though there wasn’t that many people after about 5+pm). My first customer, Belle, was a lady who remembered my products from the one month stint I did at Craft Assembly (Haji Lane). It really is great to meet people who appreciate my craft. I’m considering to place my products at Craft Assembly again. What do you think?

Oooops…i digress. I made friends with some of the vendors at Artisan Market. The girl and guy team behind me are design students from NYP. There were selling their artwork in the form of stickers and tote bags. At the end of the day, the girl gave me one of the stickers and i gave her a crochet heart in return.


It’s a spin off of the halal logo. This is a haram (which means prohibited) logo. Cool eh?
I would also like to thank my two friends who came down (with their whole family) to keep me company. Really appreciate your support! Love you guys so much! & to my kid sister who wanted to come but got the timing wrong, thanks for the effort. 😉

Yesterday, i went to a book binding workshop conducted by ohmylunaa. We learnt the french stitch. It was a fun less than 3 hours!


The materials we used were:
1. Junior hacksaw
2. Scissors
3. Waxed thread
4. Squeegee
5. Ruler
6. Pencil
7. Cloth
8. Eraser
9. Double sided tape
10. Sponge
Plus the following materials that i totally forgot to take a pix of:
White glue, newspaper (to protect work surface), chip board, paper, needle, awl (optional), cotton tape, croc-o-dail, eyelets, elastic band & charm.

Wow! Now that i’ve listed it, that’s quite a lot of materials! Anyway… here are my WiP pix:


And here’s the finished product:


I’m loving it!!! I plan to make more books and give them to friends for their birthdays!

That’s it from me! Hope your weekend was as wonderful as mine!


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