When tech meets yarn

Last Saturday, i had the opportunity to attend a prototyping workshop. My friends and i have had this idea of combining technology with our yarnbombing. So we teamed up with One-maker Group (OMG) and had a cross-teaching workshop/training.

We taught the OMG guys to crochet and they taught us to make an LED circuit. The guys had a go at crochet first. They managed to get the hang of it and made it to round three of the pattern after an hour. They wanted to give up, they fumbled, they even said, “This is harder than programming!”


Then we moved on to the techy part…making an LED circuit. We had to place the parts (LED bulbs, wires and battery holder) and solder them on a perf board.


We also learnt that there are 3 ways to identify the positive terminals of LED bulbs:
1. Longer prong is positive
2. The flat part at the rim is negative
3. The smaller triangle in the bulb is positive.
We managed to finish soldering the parts in about an hour.

I finish up the critter at home and here’s what i came up with:


An aLiEnD (the blue one)! LEDmon (the variegated one) was a prototype (made on a different day) and collaborative effort between me n Sharb (an OMG apperentice).


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