Merimal Triplets

Once upon a time, there was a lonely mini merlion called Merli. Merli has a mentor called Beary but Beary is a very busy bear. He is trying to get everything ready for their trip to NYC. The last time Merli saw Beary was during halloween where Beary dressed up as a merlion!


So Merli went to Yaney and asked if she could make him some friends. She was busy too. So she said that she’ll try her best.


Yaney managed to squeeeeeeeze some time around her busy schedule and made not one…not two…but three friends for Merli!


Merli the merlion now has three merimal friends! There’s Caty the mercat, Papy the merpup, & Bety the merabbit.


Caty’s the oldest among the triplets. She’s a lucky mercat. Bety is the middle child. She looooves making waves and doing flips. Papy’s the youngest and most mischievious. He’s always pulling harmless pranks on his friends and sisters.


So now Merli is not lonely anymore. And Merli is thrilled to know that the merimal triplets will also be going to the World Amigurumi Exhibition 2015 in NYC with him and Beary!


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