Glib the gnome in Brunei

Hello everyone! Remember me?


I’m Glib the travelling gnome. I’ve just returned from an adventure in Brunei. Care to join me as i recollect what happened there?


I started packing the night before departure. It was a smooth 1 hour 50 minutes flight from Singapore to Brunei. The inflight entertainment was okay (they aired an entertainment show featuring The Rock), the food was good (especially the cheesecake dessert) and we cleared customs with ease.


We reached Yaney’s aunt’s place and i met Mr.Brue. He’s a travelling beruang (that’s bear in Malay). The Travelling Beruang is a campaign by Ungku Ismail Aziz & TV3, & sponsored by Air Asia & Altel. Its objective is to raise funds for adik Mime and other Malaysian children afflicted with cancer. We had some local dishes and helped oversee the wedding preparation (Yaney’s cousin was getting married).


They brought us out to a nearby keropok shop and the shopping mall. I love the ceiling of the shopping mall! It’s artfully done! Makes me wana fly!


We also went to Tamu market (where a river runs along it), the museum where they showcased the equipments that the Sultan of Brunei used (plus the gifts he received from foreign delegates), & tasted another Brunei food (called Nasi Katok…it’s basically rice with fried chicken eaten with sambal made up of finely chopped & pounded chilli & anchovies).


On the night before the wedding, the family gathered for a karaoke session. On Sunday, it was the wedding. We got up early, put on our best clothes and headed down to the wedding venue. Sorry… i was too busy to take photos during the wedding. Even the pix of the bride and groom came out kinda blur.


The next day we went sightseeing around Brunei. We took a boat ride to see the Kampong Ayer. There was this interesting looking rock that looked like a sinking ship/boat. They call it Nakhoda Manis. Unfortunately, the boatman didn’t know the legend behind it. Ok. I googled it. The rock is called Jong Batu and legend has it that Nakhoda Manis became an unfilial son coz his wife thought that his mother (who came to see him after being apart for so long since he went travelling to seek his fortune) was just a poor old woman & chased her away. The mother cursed her son. A huge rock appeared where Nakhoda Manis’ vessel was anchored. (Refer to Wikipedia).


We had lunch in Sentral Mall. There Mr.Brue met some bear friend waiting for adoption in a bubble tea shop. We had lunch and had some fun at the indoor playground. Then we paid a visit to Masjid Omar Ali Saifuddein. We wanted to go to Jerudong Park but it was closed (on Mondays and Tuesdays).


That night we had dinner at the Airport Mall. We tasted another local dish called Ambuyat (which is a starchy thing eaten with a special sauce). I loved the LEGO display they had (done by BULAT, Brunei Usergroup Lego and Technic). The next morning, we had to pack again. How time flies! Our return flight was in the afternoon.


We had a bit of trouble with excess baggage but i won’t bore you with the details. Once everything was sorted, we saw a beautiful sunset while waiting to board the plane. Food was pretty good (but there was a bit too much potato) & the flight was smooth as well. We reached Changi Airport safely & i couldn’t resist the colourful Deepavali decorations that they have.

What a wonderful trip! Till next time… this is Glib… signing off!


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