Beary the bear in a merlion costume

This whole week i’ve been busy crocheting something special… something for the World Amigurumi Exhibition 2015! It still feels like a dream that i’ve been chosen as one of the artists for this exhibition. Here’s the confirmation email:


In the application form, i proposed to do an amigurumi teddy wearing a merlion costume. The merlion is a mythical creature in and an icon of Singapore. We have several statues of the merlion, in various sizes. Here’s my amigurumi interpretation of it:



At first it looked a little strange and i wasn’t sure if i could pull it off. I even had to frog a few rounds of some parts… not once… not twice… ermmm… okay. I admit. I can’t remember how many times. Here’s one of the memories with frogging involved:


I’m glad i persisted. Even when mom n a few friends guessed that i was making a fish, chillies, turnips and other food…all because they saw these:


Ah well… i’ve learnt that whatever criticism comes my way, i should take it as a way to improve and to try harder. This is by far the most complex ami that i’ve ever designed…with quite a number of parts to sew together.

This bear in merlion costume is called Beary. He loves the sun and the sea. He also vows to protect the things around him. I hope Beary enjoys his trip to NYC and finds a nice home to live in and nice people to protect and play with.


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