Weaving, workshops and what-nots

Hie everyone! How’s your weekend? Mine’s been filled with making and crafting…my favourite kind of weekend. 😉

I’m just back from a meet up with the YarnbombingSG team. We managed to make some critters (although some still need their facial features to give them character) in the two hours meet up.


It really is wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves and learning something. Today i taught them how to make no-sew legs. As many amigurumists (is there such a word?) would agree, sewing on parts to complete an amigurumi is the most dreaded part of the making. Everyone was happy to learn the no-sew method. Though i must make a mental note not to crochet in the wrong direction. Otherwise one of the legs will have the inside out effect.

Yesterday, i attended a screen printing workshop. It started with a glitch but overall it was an enjoyable session. Here are some WiP photos:


First we had to come up with our own template design. Then we carefully cut it out. Poke, slant and move.


Then we placed a board on a table (to protect the work surface), tape the template on the screen frame, choose the colour (using water based paint) & start printing!


You can see the inconsistency of my prints. 😅 It’s all in the pressure applied while sliding the squeegee. Must practice more!


We also made our own block prints a.k.a. rubber stamp.


Heres my finished product: Frolickin’ Froggy Princes!

I just realized that i didn’t do any update last week. I went to a free tile painting workshop at *Scape as part of the Makers Fest.


But… there was nothing Peranakan about it and there wasn’t any painting done. Instead we came up with our own design and used Sharpie markers to “paint” the tile. Guess what my tile’s main motif…


Bingo! For those who guessed a frog. Lol~ i guess my obsession with the lil green amphibian is not over yet. ;D

I also made some felt soccer boys for my tutees. They loved it!


And i tried my hands at loom weaving. Bought a copy of Mollie Makes magazine and received a free loom kit.


I followed some youtube video to create the geometrical shapes. Added some tassles and managed to come up with this:


Ermmm… yeah. I kinda wound the string on the loom the wrong way. Hence the bits sticking out a little funny.

Tomorrow, i might be joining an Arabic calligraphy workshop. Can’t wait! Hope your weekend is as much of a blast as mine!


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