Ondeh the octopus & friends (plus other makes and news)

We had another public holiday on Thursday… it was Aidiladha (also known as Eid or Hari Raya Haji or Hari Raya Korban). Since it was a holiday, i took out my hook (which have been rather neglected coz i’ve been working with felt the past few weeks) and Ondeh the octopus was born.


Isn’t she a cutie? She loves multi-tasking and hates strawberries.

That Thursday night, the haze worsened and the education minister announced that schools will be closed the next day. Why do people have to burn the trees and inevitably form this haze that is hazardous to people’s health?

Anyway, my cousin was having a birthday party for his son. I love the theme: Harry Porter!!! So i hooked the birthday boy a golden snitch (from a free pattern searched on Ravelry). I also gave him the Harry Potter pencil case i sewed earlier this year (or was it late last year?).


Oh ya! I almost forgot to share this excellent piece of news with you. My yarmbombingSG friends and I were on tv on Friday morning. Here’s the link. It’s in Mandarin though. Because of the show, our yanrbombingSG FB group saw a surge of likes (the last i checked, we had 40+ likes after the show aired).

Last night, i made more octopi brooches (yup! I didn’t mention it but Ondeh the octopus is a brooch).


Here’s Lemun & Keewi. I just love the tentacles (eventhough they are pretty fiddly to make).

And i just finished making an Elmo ezlink card holder.



Now i’m off to attend a Quiet Book Making Workshop. Hope your weekend has been as craft-filled as mine!


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