Tags galore! (& other happy news)

Remember all those felt that i cut and showed you in the previous post? I’m happy to say that i am halfway through making the bag tags. Here’s a photo of my progress thus far:


I need to write the kids’ names nicely one by one before i can sew everything together. Hopefully they’ll be done by next week.

A week or two ago i decided to try out the Sophie’s Mandala pattern (just because craftastherapy on Instagram was having a special feature on mandalas). I didn’t add the decorative scallop border. Instead, i made them into luggage tags!


Nifty eh? I posted this pix on Instagram, Line and Facebook. The same friend, who ordered the bag tags for her students, asked me to make one for her.


She wanted a pink flower with green background. I added a blue to the middle of the flower just because i felt like it. Hehe… i did make a plain pink flower too so that she can choose the one she prefer. She chose the one with the blue centre. πŸ˜‰

Another friend asked me on FB if i still make kitty socks. She said that her younger son keeps taking his elder sister’s kitty sock and the girl is none too happy about it. I haven’t made one in a year but of course i’ll be glad to make one for her. So that’s one for the to do list! πŸ˜‰

Another happy news to share is that my watercolouring piece was featured in craftastherapy’s Instagram feed:


And… my lovebirds (done using Amigurumei’s pattern) is featured in issue 35 of Simply Crochet magazine:


I love it when my craft is being appreciated…don’t you?

P.S. if you have an Instagram account, it’ll be lovely if you could follow me @bisukiut & @kawaiicuteness.sg


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