Keychain crochet hooks (& non-yarny stuffs)

I’ve been rather quiet, haven’t i? I do apologize for those who have been aiting around for a post from me. It’s just that i haven’t been making anything except lesson plans for my day job (yup! I’m a teacher to noisy little kids when i’m not hooking). I did buy something from the bookstore the other day. Here’s what i bought:


Ok not really. I bought a copy of Simply Crochet magazine and this is the free gift. I haven’t tried it out yet. Maybe this weekend (since it is a long weekend with SG’s 50th “birthday”. They call it the Jubilee Weekend. 4 days of public holiday!). Will make the butterfly girl from amiguruMei’s pattern.

I also attended a watercolour and lettering workshop last Saturday. It was conducted by Googley Gooeys (follow them on Instagram). I shall not show you my watercolour pieces at the moment (cause you might faint from the horror. However, if you insist on taking a look, you may search for @bisukiut on Instagram). What i will show you is…


My lasercut namecard that they made for the workshop! Love love looooove it!


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