Yarnbombing, Wawa Doll workshop and a finished rug

Yesterday we yarnbombed some furniture and a bicycle stand at the Maker Faire Singapore 2015.


The furniture were supposed to be in the building but they were blocked by another maker’s booth. So we decided to move them to a corner of the carpark. We already pre-made the granny squares over the past month or so. We put them together when we met up yesterday. We didn’t really plan in advance how we were going to yarnbomb the furniture. We just let inspiration come and taadaa!


Here’s part of the bicycle stand. One of the members of Yarnbombing SG, Dian, did the signage.

We had lots of compliments and one guy even asked if we sell the squares. (^_^) That was definitely unexpected. Some people stopped to look, some wanted to learn (& we did teach them how to crochet a simple heart) and others whipped out their cameras and took photos. All in all… it went better than expected!

Oh ya! We even had a tv crew film & interview us while we were yarnbombing. That was definitely a bonus. (^_*)v

Today we had another session of Wawa Doll workshop (the final one). The residents of Punggol21 were pretty keen and enthusiastic to make the dolls. Here’re the dolls made by participants from the first workshop:


They do have talented people, i must say. I’m glad they enjoyed themselves during the workshop and putting their creativity into making the dolls.

And finally…after about two weeks (or more)…


I finished the rug i was working on! I timed myself just to see how many hours i actually take to finish an 80cm (31inches in diameter) rug. It is a bit wonky in places (as in it will not lie flat) coz i was too lazy to count and probably increased too much. Doesn’t matter. It’s for my room and i love it! Hehe…

I’ve had a fruitful weekend. How did your weekend go?


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