This Is Our Home (a Wawa Doll exhibition)


Last weekend, we finished putting up the final touches of our (i.e. Yarn Bombing Singapore) exhibition. It can be viewed at Central Public Library (level B1) from now till 19 July 2015.

The exhibition portrays our version of Singapore with yarnbombed HDB flats, a multi-racial society, plus cars, mushrooms and some pets. It took us seven months to prepare everything. A brainstorming session between three/four people, turned into a monthly meet up with newbies and seasoned crocheters coming together to make the Wawa Dolls. Since crocheting in public is not a very common sight here, we get curious glances and queries from onlookers (some even joined us in future sessions). Separate sessions with another group of crafters were held to make the blocks of flats.

Here are the various Wawa Dolls that really caught my eyes:





Here are some knitted ones:


And ones that have limbs:



It’s a fantastic feeling to see people walking up to the exhibition, taking a close look at the items on display, pointing at various parts and smiling as if they too share a part of what we tried to portray.

If you do go down to view the exhibit, remember to take photos and if you upload them on FB / Instagram, please hashtag #yarnbombingsg.

P.S. for those who wants to make their own Wawa Doll, you can download it from Ravelry


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