Pikachu…I choose you!


I caught a Pikachu! Woohoo! Lol~ Just kidding. Made this Pikachu and pokeball amigurumi using a free pattern by Ami Amour (there’s a CAL for it on Ravelry).
It’s an easy to follow pattern (but sewing the various parts is a different story… or maybe i just find sewing various parts a tedious lil thing). I only took a day to finish (no… i’m not talking a whole 24 hrs).
I did the pokeball first. It came out looking ovalish at first. After a bit of squishing and fitting the top and bottom parts, i managed to make it look more like a ball.


I thought i wouldn’t have time to make the Pikachu, so i drew him and Eevee instead. Hehe…
After running some errands, i thought, “Hmmm… maybe i should get started on Pikachu.” Before i knew it, Pikachu was born!


It’s late now so here’s Pikachu wishing everyone a very good night’s rest.



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