More mini airplanes, hairclips & a booth

It’s a wet Saturday morning and i’m waiting for the bus that’s supposed to arrive about 5 min ago (that’s according to the mobile app).

I’ve a booth today (sharing it with my cousin who’s doing balloon sculpting).
Okay the bus is here. I’ll continue later…

As i was saying, i’m having a booth today to sell my crochet items. My first booth! Not sure how much sales i will make but i’m just happy that this is happening. 😄 Here’re some of the things i’m selling today:


A rainbow of mini airplanes…


Assorted design of brightly coloured hairclips…


Stripey pencil cases (made by mom)…
& many more.

Here’s praying for a good sales day on a cloudy Saturday!
P.S. only 1 item at Craft Assembly was sold thus far. A little more than a week to go before my lease is up over there. Do pray that i’ll make more sales there too.


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