Making Good – Inner Soles

Let’s take a break from the usual craft stuffs to repairing some stuffs. This blog post is part of a blog train hosted by Green Issues by Agy. This is the second time i’ve hopped on a blog train by Agatha (the first blog train entitled I Didn’t Throw It Away was done last year).

Initially i couldn’t decide what to share for this repair blog post. I usually just do simple mending (replacing missing buttons & hooks, taping up torn pages of books, reattaching bag handles…).

Then it so happens that my almost new pair of shoes had misfit inner soles. I’ve only worn it for a week or two when it became like these:


They sure don’t make shoes like they used to. I hate it when it becomes these way. Coz they make my socks sticky. Hence, i’ll share with you how i’ve repaired them.


Peel off the inner soles and place them on a piece of craft foam. Trace out with a marker and cut.


Trace and cut out a pair from felt too.


Put glue (i used my favourite UHU glue) all over the craft foam. Starting from the heel, align and paste the felt onto the craft foam.


Turn over and trim off any excess felt.


I noticed that the factory didn’t glue the toe part of the inner soles. Maybe that is the cause of the problem. So i put some glue on the toe half of the inner sole. Slip it into the shoe. Ensure it is placed right inside.


Then spread glue on the inner heel part of the shoe. Press down firmly.


Taadaa! No more sticky and unsightly inner soles!


The carriage leading up to mine is Angelhearts Crafts by Audrey. She also repaired a pair of footwear for this blog train. Also check out her blog for some sewing tutorials!

Why do we repair and why do we even bother to repair the things we have?
Some see repair as a way of reconnecting with our possessions as we extend their lives. Others see it as a form of creative potential and an avenue to express their craft.
The rewards of mending varies from feeling immense satisfaction to prolonging the life of the product.

Tomorrow, head on down to Rhinestic’s Knick Knacks for more Making Good repairs. Christine is a multi-crafter. She sews, knits, doodles and paints in water colours. Her blog features weekly colour theme based on a photo. She is also currently doing The 100 Day Challenge on Instagram.


15 thoughts on “Making Good – Inner Soles

  1. omg!! how many times has this happened to me and being frustrated with the sticky socks and uncomfortable fit just trashed those shoes!?!?!?! So simple and so brilliant! and you just saved me a ton of money too! thanks for sharing how to fix your shoes inner soles!!

  2. This is brilliant! I have had this happen with shoes before and it is so frustrating. I have never tried that glue, but it sounds like it works great. This is all stuff I have laying around the house, too (felt and foam). Thanks for sharing!

    Joining the blog train May 14!

  3. Your shoes look so much better with the new insoles, I bet they are a lot more comfortable too. I use ‘contact adhesive’ for shoe repairs because it gives me plenty of time to reposition things because I never get it in right the first time.

  4. Thanks for dropping by Yaney 🙂 Isn’t it nice to be able to breathe fresh air into a pair of old shoes? I love making new things I hate to throw too. What a waste. Interesting train you are on. How do I get on it?


    1. Hie Nasyitah. This train has departed. I’ll let you know when there’s a new blog train going around. Thanks for your interest and taking the time to read + leave a comment. =)

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