At Craft Assembly

One of my goals is to sell my handmade items at a craft fair or art market. Today is the day i realized that goal (well…kinda). Some of my products are now at Craft Assembly, a shop at 61 Haji Lane, Singapore. Here’s the full range of items on the shelf:


I have Mini Fruity Cupcakes (pattern by Moji-Moji Design), Ami Airplanes, Animal Cordwraps, ezLink Card Holder (with Spoonflower fabric design), Mini Daruma, coin purses, Coffee cup sleeves and Mini Topiary. I do hope they sell well. They will only be at Craft Assembly for a month though. So do pop by if you are in the area. In case you can’t really see what’s what…here’s a collage of the items:


And here are a few more photos of the whole shelf and part of the shop:


As you can see, the shop sells handmade items by various crafters (mine are placed at the bottom corner).


There’s another shelf on the other wall with more handmade goodies (the other side of the room also has another shelf and a rack of vintage clothes).


Here’s a view from a different angle. The door is on the right (you can see a teeny green corner of it).

I will update you again when i make my first the shop updates me on any sale and after the month lease has ended. In the meantime, keep on crafting!


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